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There she blows! $50pp Whale Watching extravaganza aboard Major Tom!
Our good mates at Get On A Boat, Benny, has just sailed this hugely magnificent 60ft steel cruiser – Major Tom all the way back from Western Australia. She’s a rarity boasting one of the few B class survey tickets in Australia and an absolutely perfect vessel for Whale Watching trips from Sydney.
So if spew cruises aren’t your thing and you want a little more comfort and class, get in touch and we can get you and your friends and family onboard for $50 per adult and $30 for kids.
Winters can be cold, so being indoors on a sofa with a cup of soup in your hand sounds pretty good doesn’t it? All this is onboard waiting for you too! FREE OF CHARGE!!!!
Go on, get in touch!
OH PS, this pic was taken last weekend on Major Toms Maiden whale watching charter – she breached right next to the boat – get yours to.




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