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Try Snorkelling and Spearfishing in Sydney Harbour

Let us show you the best underwater fun Sydney has to offer

On the water, Sydney Harbour is the spectacular, sparkling heart of the city. Underneath the water, it's just as busy – with unique marine wildlife and remarkable sights to see, when you have a local to show you where to find them.

Tim Lackey, owner of Alila and your personal guide to Sydney Harbour, is a local resident, experienced freediver and responsible spearfishing advocate. He loves to show visitors all the best snorkelling spots in Sydney, as well as the best spearfishing locations to be found, from Rose Bay to the heads off Manly and everywhere in between.


Snorkelling Sydney Harbour

From the majesty of sunken Navy relics to some of the largest arrays of marine life found in any one harbour, the adventures awaiting you beneath the water will surprise and certainly delight you. With the simplicity of snorkelling gear comes a great sense of freedom, giving you the ability to silently observe the teeming marine wildlife just beneath the gentle waves of the harbour and its surrounding waters.

There are more than 3000 known species of marine life in these waters and, with Tim's guidance, you may find such harbour residents as curious gropers, delicate sea-dragons, wobbegongs, school prawns and more. This is a luxury snorkelling catamaran adventure that you won't soon forget. If you don't have an underwater camera, we can even supply all your photography needs for the day – just ask!


Here is what one happy customer had to say about the photo they captured on their own special day aboard our catamaran:

"Here within lies a bounty of relics from a bygone Navy era and many happy critters waiting to be captured by on film. What an amazing experience – thank you, Tim!"

Snorkeling sydney harbour sunken ship



Spearfishing Sydney Harbour

Exploring the majesty of our waterways with spear in hand taps into an incredible, primal energy that makes for an unforgettable day aboard Alila.

With Tim's experience as an avid freediver and spearfisherman, he has firsthand expert knowledge of what lies beneath the water, and what you can expect to find each season, year round. Simply speaking, he knows where to find the fish, having spent years scouting for the best spearfishing locations in and around Sydney Harbour.

All of the pictures at the top of this page were photographed by Tim, in and around Sydney Harbour. The catamaran is also equipped with the latest Raymarine sonar and down-vision technology, which gives you the very best chance to have a successful spearfishing experience.


Note: Experience Sydney Harbour is passionate about our waterways – both on the surface, and underneath it.
We practise all our on-water and underwater activities responsibly, and with the wellbeing of our harbour ecosystem in mind. 

Snorkeling & Spearfishing Rates

Pick up in Rose Bay, exclusive 5-hour skippered charter -
$400 per person inclusive of wharf and BYO fees

Fins, mask & snorkel hire - $50

Fishing rod and tackle hire - $50

Spearfishing gear hire - $150